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CYCLE is a strategic and innovative brand and digital marketing agency based in Istanbul that serves a global clientele. We help start-ups and corporations grow their business through strategic marketing planning and reach their objectives through digital marketing and creative services.

CYCLE understands that your business needs a personal and a personable voice on the web, traditional media, and other channels and outlets. It has to be honest and it has to be authentic. A lot of successful businesses today take the same well-rounded approach and we are ready to bring your business into that level.

The approach we take is threefold – we inform, we inspire, and we build relationships. We build the awareness of your business and allow leads to see how the business fits in their lives, making things personable. We then build relationships with customers by making them feel an affinitive ownership of your products and services.


7 step CYCLE approach

  1. SITUATION ANAYSIS – Your business will undergo a thorough situation analysis so you will know the current state of affairs of your operations.
  2. TARGETS – We work with you to determine realistic, manageable, yet challenging goals that have the capacity to drive your business forward. That will also mean breaking down your larger goals into smaller subsections that can be reached one step at a time.
  3. STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT – Given the goals that you have set for your organization, together we will work on a strategy to achieve them. Alternatively, we can improve your current strategy if you already have one in place.
  4. TACTICS – After formulating the overarching campaign plan during strategy development, we will then move on to formulating conceptual actions that are focused on achieving the specific goals or sub-sections of your overall goal.
  5. ACTION PLAN/APPLICATION – At this stage we will make use of vital project management tools, such as the Gantt chart and others, to implement the tactics that we have included in your company’s new strategy. We will work with you to identify what actions are needed, when they are due, and who will be responsible and accountable for the tasks that have been specified. The steps will be both actionable, specific, and results driven.
  6. REPORTING – We will identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and create detailed performance reports for different departments, business segments, and others on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.
  7. REVIEW AND RE-ASSESS – After having reviewed the reports with you, we will work together to reassess past performance, fine tune and/or formulate new strategies, and realign tactics (or create a new ones, if necessary).